Veronica Lodge in the 70s

Hey all,

I wanted to do a series of looks every Wednesday on this blog of TV/Movie Inspired looks.

Growing up, I was a fan of Archie Comics and Veronica Lodge was my queen! People mostly hated her, but I loved her. She had this mystery and girl boss mentality that I was a fan of.

A few months back I got into the Riverdale series on Netflix and it’s one of my guilty pleasures. Besides some of the cheesy anecdotes the show is pretty awesome. For the most part Veronica’s looks consist of structure whether it’s long capes, fitted black dresses, a-lined skirts, minis and pearls. I say she’s a more Vampy Blair Waldorf. Throw in a wine lip colour and your set to rule the school of Riverdale High.

So I decided I’d recreate Ms. Veronica Lodge’s look:

  • top-Uniqlo
  • plaid skirt-Uniqlo
  • structured bag-Aldo

Look is pretty easy and something you probably already have in your closet.

See you guys next time. Leave me suggestions on which character I should create my next look. Thank you for stopping by!

-Beatrice xx

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